Latest USDA Cattle Numbers Unchanged From Last Year

Taking a look at the USDA’s most recent cattle report, markets are fairly neutral at this point. Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said figures from July 1st of this year are very similar to numbers from July 1st 2019, despite the supply chain disruptions we’ve seen. The number of all cattle and calves July 1st, is 103 million head, just slightly above same time last year. 
Beef cows that have calves, fell 1%. Shagam added the number of beef replacement heifers is unchanged from a year ago.

“Producers really are in a very very steady state to mildly contractionary phase on the beef cycle. But they’re not going in to any sort of significant liquidation.”

At least not based on price. Shagum added 750-800 pound heifers are running about $140 cwt, last year that number was $142 cwt. He added that should make for a positive margin.

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