Celebrating National Farmers Market Week

This is National Farmers Market Week, an opportunity to celebrate all the things these local markets do for their community. Colleen Donovan, Executive Director of the Washington state Farmers Market Association said while more and more people enjoy shopping at their local market, many customers don’t realize the work it takes to make those markets a reality. She added, small or large, every Farmers Market is a treasured community asset.

“It’s natural that every year we have communities trying to bring a market to serve their friends and neighbors and family.  There’s always some that stick and stay with it and add to our market community, and some decided to have a different path.”

Not only do Farmers Markets benefit their local community, but Donovan pointed out that they benefit the farmers that attend. She said Farmers Markets allow growers to network and meet customers face to face, and answer questions. And she noted farmers provide more than great produce.

“So, they’re there week in and week out, to help their business grow but also to give back to the community and be a part of the community that everyone can rely on.”

Donovan said if you’ve never been to your local Farmers Market, this is the perfect week to try it out. Click Here for a list of market locations, dates and times.

National Farmers Market Week runs through Saturday.

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