Sandison: Farmers Have Done A Great Job Weathering Coronavirus

The farm community across the Northwest, across the country, was brought nearly to a standstill at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic back in March. While supply chains were in many cases shutdown, Derek Sandison Director of the Washington state Department of Agriculture, said the Ag community in the Evergreen state did an excellent job […]

Democrat Bill Would Ban Pesticides to Protect Farm Workers

Legislation introduced by two Democratic lawmakers would ban chlorpyrifos and other pesticides that cause concern among farmworker groups due to negative health effects. The bill from Tom Udall of New Mexico and Joe Neguse of Colorado would ban organophosphates. According to that’s a group of pesticides that attack the nervous system and that research […]

House Ag Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Republican Illinois representative Rodney Davis has tested positive for COVID-19. In a letter on his website, Davis said, “Other than a higher-than-normal temperature, I am showing no symptoms at this time and feel fine.” Davis tested positive Wednesday morning after discovering a higher than normal temperature. Davis is a member of the House Agriculture Committee […]

ASTA Promotes Safe Handling of Treated Seed During Harvest

As harvest begins across the country, the American Seed Trade Association is reminding farmers about the importance of taking precautions to ensure treated seed does not enter the grain supply. ASTA said proper management of treated seeds includes removing all treated seed left in containers and equipment used to handle harvested grain, and disposing of […]

USDA Continues To Work To Feed Hungry Americans

The USDA has increased efforts over the past couple of months to help make sure Americans have access to food during these uncertain times. “USDA has provided for states to issue emergency supplemental SNAP benefits which is totaling more than $2 billion per month and additional spending in SNAP program,” said deputy undersecretary, Brandon Lipps, […]

Perdue Concerned The Impact Europe Policies Could Have On Farm Economy

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is concerned. He’s concerned about Europe’s new Farm to Fork strategy which calls for more locally grown agriculture. “If I were a European farmer, based on the farm-to-fork strategies I would be literally concerned because if you make me anti-competitive my only hope is protectionism. That’s not going to be good […]

Environmental Groups: EPA Should Not Approve Dicamba Without Further Research

Environmental groups say the EPA should not renew over-the-top dicamba use without further independent research. A new report from the National Wildlife Federation and others suggest dicamba herbicides “pose serious threats to wild plants and the wildlife that depend upon them.” The report says the EPA should not renew over-the-top product registrations unless and until […]

What Should New Apple Producers Keep In Mind When Starting An Orchard?

Time and cost are two of the factors that apple producers must consider in this day and age. Jim Bair of the U.S. Apple Association said on average it takes four years for a new apple orchard to produce market ready fruit. “It’s very expensive. It costs about $50,000 to put in an acre of […]