Perdue Concerned The Impact Europe Policies Could Have On Farm Economy

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is concerned. He’s concerned about Europe’s new Farm to Fork strategy which calls for more locally grown agriculture.

“If I were a European farmer, based on the farm-to-fork strategies I would be literally concerned because if you make me anti-competitive my only hope is protectionism. That’s not going to be good for international trade of anything.”

Perdue recently spoke, via Zoom, to a transatlantic panel, organized by the European conservatives and Reformists party.

“We have a trade deficit with the EU between the United States and the EU. And certainly that’s not even including the $37 billion dollars of automobiles coming from the European Union So there’s a lot of risk. Let the consumer ultimately decide, that’s what we do here in the United States. Let your consumers decide if they want these products then they will buy them. If they don’t, I can assure you our farmers won’t send them.”

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