Potato Pest Activity Could Increase As Temperatures Warm

Washington State University reported Friday that potato psyllids were reported on 86% of sticky card traps on monitored fields across the Columbia Bain. School officials added there is one “hot spot” for potato psyllids action this season, north of the Tri-Cities in Franklin County. And while the numbers of psyllids are higher than in recent years, numbers are still lower than what growers reported in 2016.

According to WSU, spider mites have not been a big issue this season, but there have been a few cases reported. And with extremely hot temperatures expected over the next couple of days, spider mites may become more of an issue.

Potato tuberworm moths were reported in ten traps last week, and growers in the Mattawa, Connell and areas south are advised to be on the lookout.

And when it comes to aphids, WSU says numbers in most fields were in the moderate range, verging on high, and potato fields with a lot of aphids now will probably benefits from some intervention if harvest is not set to begin for several more weeks.

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