USDA Continues To Look At Unsolicited Seeds

Photo: WSDA

While USDA experts continue inspect those unsolicited garden seeds that have been sent to thousands of Americans from China, the next question is the Department is facing is how to stop future similar shipments. Osamna El-Lissy with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said that’s being addressed in a couple of ways.

First, he says USDA’s counterpart in China are helping to identify the actual senders of these packets. Many of the names are already known.

“We don’t know the background information about these companies and that’s why we are working with our counterparts in China to follow up on some of these senders.”

El-Lissy added the Postal Service in China is cooperating as well.

“We’ve been working with the primary e-commerce companies to use their own systems in stopping future shipments to the United States.”

The USDA adds their concern is that those seeds may be invasive and greatly harm the United States.

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