Feds Look To Target Drug Fighting Efforts

When the federal government looks at fighting drug trafficking, location is one of the most important conversation points. White House Drug Czar, Jim Carroll, said HIDAs (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas) targets places where the most drug trafficking takes place. He noted HIDAs can be found in all 50 states, in urban and rural communities alike.

“You know, if it’s New York city or you know Baltimore, Maryland it’s places, you know, that are much more urban in nature. And those are very different than the ones, you know, in Kentucky or the beautiful parts of Indiana where I’ve been through or the Dakotas where we also see trafficking.”

He added that a special focus has been on drugs coming across the borders. 

“Where last week I was actually up in New York and Vermont, again very rural areas, and our US Customs there has seen a 6000% increase over the past year in the number of drugs that they have seized,” Carroll added.

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