FSIS Continues Efforts To Reach Out To Smaller Meat Processors

One of the current priorities for USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is reaching out to small-scale meat processors.

“At FSIS we have about 6500 regulated establishments throughout the United States and Territories. And as you can see on the slide about 5200 of those or 90% of all federally inspected establishments are either small or very small,” said FSIS Assistant Administrator, Phil Bronstein.

“For small businesses looking to apply for a federal grant or inspection we also have coordinators in every district office who are available to help you through the application process,” Bronstein added.

There are ten district offices throughout the country.

“You can access guidelines, education materials, training resources on topics such as how to develop our product recall plan, how to develop a has pit plan a robust systematic approach to humane handling, or other topics on the FSIS Website. We also have folks that can be available to talk you through the development of any of these materials,” he added.

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