Lindsay Looks To Make Controlling Pivots Remotely Easy

If you have pivots, you’re always looking for new tools to help monitor your irrigation system. Brad Dunbar, Lindsay Corporation aftermarket manager, said FieldNET Pivot Watch offers reporting on application, pressure, current position, direction and pivot speed.

“It’s the industry’s leading remote irrigation monitoring solution and also at an ultra-low-cost. The solar panel unit mounts on the end of the center pivot, regardless of the age or brand, and this also includes hydraulic systems out in the field. With integrated cellular connectivity, GPS monitoring and other enabled sensors, this solution lets growers monitor their pivot’s functions via the FieldNET app, and growers can monitor their pivots any time at any location that they are at.”

Dunbar said the unit is available on Amazon, making it easier to put remote irrigation management into the hands of every grower.

“Lindsay began offering FieldNET Pivot Watch for sale on Amazon here this year to U.S. and Canada. This solution offers growers broader accessibility to a solution that saves growers time, money and resources. It also provides growers the ability to meet them exactly where they are at and that’s usually online. With Amazon availability, we can continue to fulfill our customer goal: making irrigation monitoring accessible to all growers out there.”

Dunbar said after receiving the FieldNET Pivot Watch from Amazon, growers can easily connect the unit to their pivot.

“It’s really almost as easy as installing on your pivot as it is ordering it via Amazon. FieldNET Pivot Watch attaches directly to the span, there’s no need to connect into the electrical circuitry on the machine, this makes it very safe. It also means that growers have the ability to install Pivot Watch device themselves, allowing them to begin remotely monitoring right away as soon as they receive the product in the mail. And Amazon customers receive a quick-start guide with the unit that allows them to start the unit right away.”

Dunbar added growers who purchase the Pivot Watch product from Amazon will also be connected to a local Zimmatic dealer.

“Although it’s easy to do yourself, to install the Pivot Watch, Amazon customers will also be connected to a local Zimmatic dealer and have access to the FieldNET Customer Support team as well. This allows growers top-notch customers service at every level. Zimmatic dealers are excited about this new sales channel and the potential to reach new customers. And, not only does Lindsay provide industry-leading irrigation solutions and technology, but we also provide best-in-class customer support and are always finding new ways to uniquely connect with our customers.”

To learn more about FieldNET Pivot Watch, Click Here or contact your local Zimmatic dealer.

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