Searle: It Is Critical Farm Country Casts Their Vote

The general election may be months away, but farm organizations are trying to excite growers now to cast their ballot. Bryan Searle president of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation said your ballot will have a variety of races, from local up to federal that will have a direct impact on the ability of farmers to do what they love now, and well into the future. He added with urban areas growing at a breakneck pace, and more and more Americans not connected to the farm, it becomes vital that farmers exercise their right to vote.

“To defend our rights, our property rights and water use and needs is so critical.  So electing the right people that understand agriculture is key to getting legislation that will help sustain us into the future.”

Searle said when decisions are made in the state capital or D.C., you may feel like your voice is not heard or that important. He cautioned when that kind of apathy sets in, rural voters lose.

“Many times, people think, I’m just one person and it won’t make a difference.  But it is truly all those votes that come together so it is critical that people get out and vote.”

Election Day is November 3rd, but registration deadlines will be here before you know it. The deadline to register to vote in Idaho is early October, its mid-October in Oregon and late October in Washington. Contact your local county auditor’s office for additional details or assistance.

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