California Fire Continue To Burn Amid Drought, Dry Lightening

A heat wave and major lightening strikes have lead to major problems in the Golden State.

“In California alone if you just look at the active wildfires there are at least 2 dozen fires have collectively burned more than a million acres of vegetation just in the last 10 days,” said USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey. “The two largest lightening-sparked complexes in California that have become second and third largest wildfires in modern California history. Each has burned more than 350,000 acres.”

Meanwhile, storms expected to bring in more lightening, and little rain are expected over the coming days.

“Those two largest California wildfires still less than one quarter contained. So there’s a long way to go and many of these fires could re-flare if conditions deteriorate and humidity drops, wind picks up so the situation is far from over in California and elsewhere in the west. “

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