USDA Researchers Looking To Reduce Car v. Deer Collisions

Researches at USDA’s Wildlife Services say they have found a way to reduce deer v. vehicle collisions at night.

“During low light conditions is when most deer-vehicle collisions occur in the United States and Canada,” said Travis DeVault. He worked on the project at USDA, and is now Associate Director for Research at the University of Georgia.

“For this research we used an LED light emitting diode light bar, a very bright one that was attached to a bracket on the from of the vehicle.”

The light bar, Devault noted, faces backward toward the vehicle and is aimed downward to the driver cannot see it.

“The idea was that we wanted to find a way to provide more information about that oncoming threat the vehicle the deer so we could increase its perceived risk and when a deer or other animal perceived risk then it’s gonna want to get out of the way.”

USDA officials have filed a patent application and are looking for partners who may be interested in pursuing this business opportunity. 

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