Newhouse: We Continue To Work To Include Ag In Future Stimulus Bills

It’s expected that Congress will take up the issue of another round of COVID-19 stimulus assistance later this month, but will agriculture receive any assistance?

Discussions around another round of assistance look at the most urgent needs across the country, what some have called a “skinny bill”, which at this point does not appear to include the farming sector. Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said ensuring that Northwest producers get the help they need during the pandemic has been a challenge.

“We have a lot of specialty crops in the state of Washington that don’t always get the necessary attention and focus that they deserve.  We’re making sure that our case is made.”

Newhouse noted early relief legislation was not conducive to many of the commodities grown in the Northwest, serving as a one-two punch for many growers. He said while it does not  appear Ag will make up much, if any, of a September aid bill, he says he will continue to work to ensure specialty crop producers get the assistance they need.

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