USDA: CFAP Applications Due Friday

Many specialty crops are grown here in the Northwest. And if you’re a specialty crop producer, and think your crop is not eligible for CFAP payments, you might want to check again. 

“There are more than 130 speciality crops there are eligible for the program,” said AMS Administrators Bruce Summers. “The list starts with alfalfa sprouts and runs through bankloader, to watermelon. Most of the major specialty crop items are included in that list. And major staples, things like potatoes and  apples. It’s a long list of specialty crops.”

And what is the aim of CFAP payments?

“The payments provide vital assistance. Producers of specialty crops have suffered a drop in crop values, or have losses due to market supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19, and will face additional significant marketing costs.”

The deadline to apply for CFAP funding is Friday, September 11th. Visit the USDA’s Website to learn more.

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