AFBF Hopes Farmers Use Tool Kit Before Voting

Ask the American Farm Bureau Federation, they’ll tell you the iFarmiVote election toolkit gives farmers and ranchers all the information they need before voting. Michael Sistak, AFBF Grassroots Program Development Director, said you can register to vote and find ballot information on-line.

“The voter toolkit is provided to all Farm Bureau members and the public in general so that they can access their voter information for the 2020 election. They can look up who their candidates are, they can find out how to vote too, because with the COVID-19 pandemic, the way voting is going to happen this year is changing constantly.”

Sistak says you can also pledge to vote in 2020.

“By pledging to vote, we are showing that the Farm Bureau family, our six million members nationwide are civically engaged and they’re going to vote. And when we ask them to take that pledge, we ask them to share that on social media and share the link so that folks in their network can access that same voter information.”

He added earlier this week AFBF released its presidential candidate questionnaire.

“It’s a side-by-side comparison of both President Trump’s and former Vice President Joe Biden’s responses to 12 specific policy questions, how they would handle issues important for the agriculture community and rural America.”

Click Here to check out AFBF’s iFarmiVote election toolkit.

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