Reinke & CropX Working Together To Provide Irrigation Innovation

A new partnership in agriculture is bringing two global leaders together to give growers the world’s finest irrigation scheduling tools. By integrating the technologies and support of Reinke Manufacturing and CropX growers can access soil health information that will allow them to improve yields, efficiencies and profitability through irrigation. Reinke’s president, Chris Roth, and John Vikupitz, president for CropX, said they’ll help growers maximize performance in more than 40 countries. Roth said the partnership will help growers produce more with less.

“Our company is always looking for innovation to make farmers lives easier and better. We just thought that it was a fantastic product the CropX had, as far] as provide information to those growers so that they can make very intelligent decisions, and if you can make intelligent decisions then you have a better chance to increase your profitability, and we just thought that this was an outstanding product for us to integrate into our technology.”

Reinke and CropX products and technology are made by farmers, for farmers. Vikupitz said that allows the two companies to create products that fit a farmers need.

“CropX was founded on a theme of being dedicated to helping producers retain and actually maintain profitability and the marriage will enable us to combine efforts of two strong companies and create a better product for growers and allow them to continue to remain successful in very challenging times. Our mission is to provide very scalable affordable solutions and the Reinke culture is founded on the same thing.”

With CropX, growers can access field conditions of their irrigated crops through soil sensors.

“We take the data from the sensor itself, transmit it to the cloud and perform a lot of behind the scenes analytics, combine that with a lot of additional data including maps, satellite imagery, weather inputs, modeling on specific crop types and soil types, and combine it in a way that it’s easy to understand, helps growers make decisions. And, in some cases, if they choose to implement a more exotic piece of decision making capability that can actually get to the point where it can run by itself.”

The partnership brings together CropX field data to Reinke irrigation systems, giving farmers field condition reports that they can use to determine when to irrigate.

“The CropX data and science and their algorithms and that stuff. It will be taken over to the ReinCloud, which is a Reinke product, which then will take that data and the decision then can be made by that grower to turn on his irrigation system, if the data is saying that the crop needs to be irrigated. So, get the information out of the field with the sensors, go to the cloud, through CropX and then I’ll go over to Reinke, and right on the growers phone he can turn that irrigation system on if he decides that he needs to do some irrigation there.”

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