Smoke Expected To Remain Through Thursday, Keeping Temperatures Cool

It’s been the topic of conversation for the Inland Northwest for at least a week, if not longer; the smoke. Smoke from wildfires in California and western Oregon continue to pour into the area, resulting in extremely poor air quality for most of the region. Meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service said not only has that smoke led to lousy air, but it’s also kept daytime highs on the low side, with most areas reporting temperatures only in the 70s and occasional 80s.

“Temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than places that are not seeing the smoke.  For instance, earlier this week, John Day, OR, and then down in to Central Oregon, the Bend, area had upper 80s and even some low 90s.  You know, it doesn’t let any sunshine in, so it’s kind of acting like a blanket that way, and keeping those really hot temperatures out.”

Lohmann says a system is expected to cross the Cascades late Thursday into Friday, which could bring rain and wind, moving some of this smoke. But she noted this system will not be strong enough to blow all of the smoke out of the area, and there’s a possibility the smoke could pool again early next week.

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