FSA: PLC Deadline At The End Of The Month

The FSA is reminding growers that the deadline to apply for PLC is just around the corner. FSA head Richard Fordyce says those interested in participating in the Price Loss Coverage program need to do so by September 30th. Between now and then, producers need to update their yields, which are used to calculate those PLC payments. He noted this is the first time producers can update their numbers since 2014.

“It’s gonna be worth the landowner’s effort to at least take a look at that and see if it’s gonna be advantageous for them to update those yields.”

And Fordyce noted it’s the owner who has to sign off on that yield change, and the signature of only one owner is enough. But, what happens if you don’t want to change your yields, or don’t make the deadline?

“Tthat’s not going to be an issue they’ll just continue to use the yields that we have on file at FSA.”

But, Fordyce point out, six years is a long time, and he said it might pay to have a look before the deadline hits at the end of the month. Contact your local FSA office for more information or to have your questions answered.

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