Idaho Farm Bureau Stressing the Importance Of The 2020 Census

Rural America is being reminded the importance of participating in the 2020 Census. Done every ten years to chart the growth and evolution of America’s population, the Census is used to determine representation in a variety of ways. Sean Ellis with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation says its important farm country considers how important, and long-lasting, these Census results are.

“A lot of federal funding flows to rural areas, and the more population you have, the more funding you get for health care, schools, food programs, etc.  And besides the federal funding, we have a redistricting process that’s going to come up and start next year, we’re going to redraw our legislative districts.  Well rural Idaho is going to lose representation to the cities, the Boise-Nampa area.”

If you haven’t participated in the 2020 Census yet, you still have time to do so. Visit the Federal Government’s official Census 2020 Website.

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