EES Looking To Help Livestock Impacted By Wildfire

Photo: Emergency Equipment Solutions Facebook

It’s not just humans that have been impacted by wildfires burning up and down the West Coast. Thousands of horses and cows have little to nothing to eat in North Central Washington, thanks primarily to the Cold Springs Fire. The Emergency Equipment Solutions, a non-profit organization, is taking donations to help the NCW ranching community. Disaster Relief Coordinator, Valerie O’Dai, said feed and fencing donations are desperately needed.

“They’ve lost their homes, they’ve lost their pastures, as well as their hay crops.  Normally in a wildfire, it’s one or the other. It’s a forest fire and they lost all of their pastureland, but they still have some hay in the valley, or vice versa.  This took out the valley and the pasture.”

O’Dai added help has already started to come in, but more is needed.

“The need is feed, fencing. The veterinary services have actually been phenomenal, there have been three or four different organizations that have sent vets in to help.  The feed, the temporary fencing, keeping them corralled, and off the highway; those are the needs we’re trying to address right now.”

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