WSU Study: Rural Elderly Residents Less Likely Receive Needed Services

A recent study conducted by Washington State University shows older adults living in very rural settings are less likely than those living closer to urban centers to receive available health, nutrition and transportation services. Raven Weaver, assistant professor at WSU, noted while service disparities between rural and urban older adults are well known, these findings […]

Decline In Plant Breeding Could Impact Food Security, Study Shows

Public plant breeding programs are on the decline across the United States. And according to research conducted by the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee, that drop in funding and personnel could result in a food system that is less secure. Kate Evans, a horticulture professor at Washington State University led the research and says plant breeding […]

Newhouse Pleased With Second Round Of CFAP Funding

Last week, President Trump and the USDA announced a second round of Coronavirus Food Assistance Program funding, providing an additional $14 billion for producers who continue to face disruptions associated with the pandemic. CFAP 2 will be available for producers of a host of Northwest commodities, including grapes and wine grapes, all classes of wheat, […]

Cantwell, Wyden Look To Help Prevent Catastrophic Wildfires

Late last week, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell took to the Senate Floor calling for more to be done to fight wildfires now and to prevent them into the future. First, Cantwell called on President Trump to help the U.S. reach out to the international community for additional firefighters. “While Washington and Oregon may see eventually […]

Northwest Potato Crop Valued at $2.21B

The Northwest potato crop was valued at $2.21 billion last year. According to NASS, the final value of Idaho’s 2019 potato crop was $1.04 billion, a 2% year over year increase. The marketing year average price for potatoes in Idaho was $7.98 per cwt, up $0.73 from last year. Potato production in totaled 131 million […]

Hop Stocks Up 13% Year Over Year

The inventory of hops held by growers, dealers, and brewers on September 1st totaled 130 million pounds, up 13% from September 1st of last year. According to NASS, stocks held at dealer and grower locations earlier this month totaled 94 million pounds, while stocks held by brewers totaled 36 million pounds. Washington accounts for 72% […]

Sign Up for CFAP 2 Starts Monday

Starting Monday, eligible producers can sign up for the latest round of the Coronavirus Food Program, better known as CFAP. “Starting next week my administration is committing additional relief to help farmers,” President Trump announced last week. CFAP 2 as it’s known will make an additional $14 billion dollars for producers facing market disruptions and […]

Vegan Food Company Sues Oklahoma Over Product Label Law

Oklahoma has a new law governing labeling for some vegan products. A vegan company doesn’t like that and has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of western Oklahoma. The suit was filed by Upton’s Naturals Company, an Illinois-based business that sells plant-based foods, and the Plant-Based Foods Association, a group with 170 members. […]