Dry Weather Continues Into Early October

A new month, but the same weather pattern. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said September was a dry month, and for much of Central Washington and extremely dry month, and she expects that pattern to continue. Lohmann noted that October is a month that typically shows some of the most dramatic change, but she does not expect that change from this dry pattern for a couple of weeks.

“The models are indicating maybe a little bit of a pattern change with some wetter conditions coming in around mid-month and hopefully those will continue out through the end of the month with a few systems set to track through the area.”

Lohmann noted while the precipitation will hold off for a few weeks, cooler temperatures will not. She said with the region loosing 90 minutes of daylight between the first and Halloween, temperatures will start cooling very soon, with some areas experiencing the first frost of the year around Columbus Day.

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