Washington Dairy To Discuss Labor During Virtual Meeting Wednesday

The Washington State Dairy Federation will hold a virtual presentation Wednesday focused on a variety of labor topics and how they will impact those in the industry. Scott Dilley, Communications Director for the Dairy Federation, said WAFLA Director Dan Fazio and Human Resources Manager Pam Peters will address employment-related questions.

“Where are we on workers’ comp rates for next year and unemployment insurance taxes? There’s a higher minimum wage next year. Just informing our members on those new issues that will play out in 2021.”

Dilley added the steady cost of labor versus the volatile milk prices has been one of the diary industry’s biggest challenges during the pandemic. He added many people associate farm labor with seasonal industries such as tree fruit or vegetable production.

“And yet dairy is a part of labor-intensive agriculture although it’s year-round. Labor is extremely important for us because we have to have milkers year-round, [as well as] herdsman, feeders, and folks to take care of calves. When you have livestock you have to have people there taking care of the livestock 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Dilley added with the face of the labor landscape changing so rapidly, those that can attend Wednesday’s Zoom meeting should make time. The meeting starts at noon, and pre-registration is required.

Click Here to learn more or to sign up for this week’s Zoom Meeting.

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