Idaho Cattle Foundation Looks To Fund Education Projects

The Idaho Cattle Foundation is looking to fund educational projects centered around the state’s livestock industry. Idaho Cattle Association Executive Vice President Cameron Mulrony said proceeds from the Unclaimed Livestock Account are used to fund the ICF.

“As our state changes, we want to make sure people are educated on Idaho’s second-largest industry. We need to do that continually to make sure people are up to date on what’s happening in our state and in our industry. So the benefit to the Idaho cattle industry is an informed public.”

The overall goal he noted is to advance the state’s livestock industry. Mulrony said the Cattle Association does not select the projects that are funded, but rather recommends to the Idaho State Board of Education which projects should receive assistance.

“Like the University of Idaho, [and other] upper level, post-secondary education,” Mulrony noted. “We also have done high school education, and the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission, which educates the general public on the beef cattle industry and rangelands here in Idaho.”

Those interested in applying have until 5 p.m. on November 1st. To learn more, check out the Idaho Cattle Foundation’s Website.

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