National FFA, DEKALB Partner on Winning Has Roots Scholarship


The National FFA Organization and DEKALB brand corn will unite on Sunday at the NASCAR race in Kansas. The partnership includes the unveiling of the DEKALB FFA Ford Mustang driven by Clint Bowyer, with dual historical wings for both the FFA emblem and DEKALB.

FFA and DEKALB said they are both focused on improving the future of agriculture, and together will offer students the opportunity to qualify for the Winning Has Roots scholarship. The scholarship will help one qualified student fund their continued education. The scholarship amount will be determined by the number of laps Bowyer completes at the Hollywood Casino 400. A base amount of $6,400 is to be awarded to the recipient, with an increase of $14 for every lap Bowyer completes. If all 267 laps are completed, the scholarship will increase to $10,138. If Bowyer wins the race, the scholarship will be increased to $14,000.

Final scholarship amount, details and next steps will be announced following the October 18th race.

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