WSU Forest Field Day Looks To Address Forest Management, Forest Health

With one of the most active wildfires seasons up and down the West Coast as the back drop, Washington State University will host its Forestry Field Day this Saturday. But, like everything else in a COVID world, this weekend’s event will be on-line. WSU Extension Forester Brendan Whyte said they will push landowners this weekend to think about future resiliency.

“Whether that’s to fire, insects or disease or increased drought.  So, we’re really working with landowners to try and give them both the education and the resources they need to both meet their management objectives and to prepare their forests for the future.”

Whyte notes Saturday’s Field Day will include workshops, demonstrations and videos that take participants out to forested areas. With this year’s Field Day being on-line, Whyte noted it allows them to reach populations that are often underserved.

“But there’s a definite downside of having concerns for landowners who don’t have the technological access needed for a smooth Zoom video.  And we’re trying to determine how to work around that.”

WSU’s On-line Field Day runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Attendance is free but pre-registration is required. Whyte noted that youth under 18 are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Click Here to learn more or to register for this weekend’s Field Day.

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