Donation To Mattawa Food Bank Will Help Farm Workers In Need

The Mattawa Area Food Bank was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the fraternal non-profit The Royal Neighbors of America. Board president, Pamela Bunger, said the funds came at a great time, after they learned that the food bank’s forklift is not repairable.

“Also we are heading towards our busy time, the winter, and we might need to buy protein in the form of beans, meat, that type of thing.”

Bunger added the food bank serves the community two Saturdays a month by providing food boxes for nearby farm workers.

“We’re not there to be their only source of food, you can tell maybe when somebody lost a job or in the winter, when agriculture isn’t as busy, you start seeing people coming in more. That makes me feel good because they’re using for what it’s intended, to augment, to help.”

She added when harvest season wraps up, the Mattawa Food Bank will distributed between 300 and 600 boxes each day they are open.

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