Tyson Donates To Those Impacted by COVID-19 in Walla Walla

Last month, Tyson Foods made a pair of donations to help those in the Walla Walla community impacted by the pandemic. Tyson Public Relations Manager Derek Burleson said they handed out $15,000 in grants to the Walla Walla Senior Citizens Center Incorporated and the United Way of Walla Walla County.

“This was a very strategic program to support those non-profits that are near our plant facilities who’s resources might have been impacted by the pandemic.”

Burleson added hunger relief is a perfect fit for the largest food company in the United States.”

year was actually a record-breaking year. In 2020, we donated more than 30 million pounds of protein to hunger relief agencies, communities pantries, and our own team members. That equates to about 120 million meals.”

Nationwide, Tyson Foods has made roughly $75 million in donations.

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