Wheeler Calls on DOJ to Investigate Environmental Organizations Funding

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler wants the Department of Justice to investigate funding for environmental groups. In a letter to the Justice Department, Wheeler cited concerns the groups were receiving secret funding from foreign countries, specifically China and Russia. The action follows a previous letter by Representative Lance Gooden, a Texas Republican.

Gooden requested the investigation earlier this month. Referring to China, Gooden states, “We have reason to believe they are funneling money to certain green groups to influence American foreign policy and our elections.”

In Wheeler’s letter, he says foreign investments are not against the law, but says, “foreign influence should not be covert.” Wheeler did not name specific environmental groups. However, Gooden names The Sea Change Foundation, the Sierra Club and the Sunrise Movement in his letter to Wheeler. Administrator Wheeler referred the issue to DOJ, stating, “The DOJ can then determine what appropriate steps to take, if any.”

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