Cattle Groups Discuss need for Beef Industry Reforms

Cattle groups met in Florida last week to discuss reforms to the beef industry. The meetings included the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, the Organization for Competitive Markets, and R-CALF USA. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the nation’s largest cattle group, was invited but did not participate.

NCBA President Marty Smith stated, “NCBA will not participate in events with organizations litigating against NCBA or the Beef Checkoff, nor will we engage in events that lend a voice to anti-agriculture activists.” Smith claims the Organization for Competitive Markets is “solely a front for animal rights activists.”

OCM is spearheading a petition calling for a referendum vote on the Beef Promotion and Research Order, or the beef checkoff. OCM claims checkoff dollars managed by NCBA “through questionable if not illegal ways…often wind up in the pockets of industrialized agriculture.” The groups included in the Florida meetings support beef checkoff reforms, country of origin labeling, and a breakup of the “big four” meatpacking companies.

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