AEM: Next President Should Focus on Infrastructure

A recent survey by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows the industry wants the next President to prioritize infrastructure investment. Regardless of who the next President is and which party controls the House or Senate, AEM says the outcome of the 2020 elections will have a significant impact on the equipment industry and the economy.

Despite the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn, nearly half of respondents are optimistic about the current state of the industry.

Equipment manufacturing executives said the next Administration should prioritize investing in the nation’s infrastructure, enact effective tax, fiscal, and monetary policy, and negotiating fair trade agreements with other countries during his first year in office. Most executives say that the Republican party will do a better job supporting and advancing the industry’s policy priorities. However, a plurality say that the Democratic party will do a better job expanding access and improving the affordability of high-quality healthcare services for all Americans.

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