OFB: Executive Order Puts Farmers At Risk

Late last month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown extended an Executive Order she says will protect farm workers from coronavirus. Executive Order 20-58, issued back in April, focuses not only on physical distance, but sanitation and isolation requirements. But Samantha Bayer with the Oregon Farm Bureau says these rules handed down by the Governor hurt both […]

Biden Projected Winner, Ag Community Reacts

Over the weekend, the Associated Press and several other national news outlets officially projected Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. That announcement came after the Pennsylvania electoral votes were put in the former Vice President’s column, pushing him over the needed 270 to win. Many in the farming community congratulated Biden […]

AFBF: Everyone Must Work Together For Rural America

Dale Moore, Executive Vice President for the American Farm Bureau Federation said he’s not taking sides when it comes to the newly elected Congress. But he went on to say the AFBF will continue to fight policies that harm agriculture. He added it’s too early to get dragged into fights over energy, taxes, trade, and […]

Certified Angus Beef: 2020 Not As Bad A Feared Early On

In a very challenging year, Certified Angus Beef and its partners report they have  sold more than one billion pounds of beef across 51 countries and there were some other bright spots as well. John Stika President of Certified Angus Beef said when it’s all said and done, it looks like retail will have a […]

Georgia Representative Looking to Replace Collin Peterson as Ag Chair

Georgia Democrat David Scott is the most senior member of the House Agriculture Committee after current Chair Collin Peterson. The Hagstrom Report said Scott is throwing his hat into the ring as someone who’d like to be the next Chair after Peterson, who recently lost his re-election bid to Michelle Fischbach. Scott is the chair […]

Predicting Ag Numbers Challenging Right Now

On Tuesday, the USDA will be out with their new domestic exports, stocks, and prices of current crops projections. Outlook Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, said it’s going to be hard for his group to pin it down given the dramatic market movements of late. “We’ve been selling a lot to China a lot of commodities, soybeans […]

Mary Kay Thatcher: Rural America Needs Bipartisan Representation

Mary Kay Thatcher of Syngenta, who was a long-time policy expert at the American Farm Bureau Federation, said last week, “we don’t have very many democrats in the rural areas.” Prior to last week’s election, only nine Democrats, held rural seats in the House. Thatcher added, “We should be thankful we are not writing a […]

CME Launches First Ever Water Futures

On September 17th, CME Group and Nasdaq announced plans to launch the first-ever water futures contract based on the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index. Farmers and ranchers know the importance of keeping an eye on grain and livestock futures markets. And, water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century. […]