Farm Bureau Helping Vets Through Patriot Project

Wednesday is Veterans Day, a time for us thank you to those that have served. Did you know the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Patriot Project helps veterans adapt to farming and ranching through mentors?

Veteran Damon Helton, Patriot Project mentee, said the project connects veterans with farmers and teaches vets how to properly run their operation.

“For me, I was very serious about it being a business model. I wanted to succeed and grow and feed my community. But in order to do that you have to treat it like a business. You have to understand what your input costs are, and you have to understand your margins, and you grow and you’re going to need employees. And so, I really learned how to run my farm like a true business.”

Helton called agriculture a natural fit for veterans.

“We’re predisposed coming out of the military for all the things that being a farmer requires, long hours, early mornings, very strenuous dirty work. We’re searching for service that we’ve lost when we get out, so agriculture is just an amazing fit for that, because that’s truly what it is, it’s service to our nation.”

Click Here to learn more about the Patriot Project. The Patriot Project is currently active in Arkansas, Indiana and West Virginia.

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