Farm Tractor Sales Stay Positive in the U.S. and Canada

Overall farm tractor unit sales continued to grow across North America in October despite a small pause in the larger unit sales in Canada. The latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers says that total farm tractor sales in the U.S. rose 18% in October compared to 2019, while self-propelled combine sales in the U.S. grew almost 15%.

Four-wheel-drive unit sales in the U.S. grew for the third straight month in October, up almost 23% to 635 units, putting year-to-date segment sales in the black for the first time this year at 1% higher. Sales of 100-plus horsepower equipment grew 9.7% during October, finally bringing the bigger units just into positive territory at .2% higher year-to-date. Total year-to-date farm tractors out the door are up 15% in 2020, while combine sales are now up 5.5% on the year.

“We’re glad to see the aggregate North American tractor and combine sales stay above the five-year trend line,” says Curt Blades, Senior Vice President of Ag Services at AEM. “These latest numbers, combined with the recent bump in commodity prices, point to the potential for a strong finish to equipment sales in 2020.”

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