Grassley Concerned Biden Administration May Resurrect WOTUS

The Biden camp is starting to formulate its environmental plan, including moves to combat global warming and most likely to reverse changes made by the Trump Administration. In their 300-page “Climate 21 Project” blueprint, former Obama officials propose dozens of greenhouse gas-reducing ideas, including a USDA CCC “carbon bank” to pay farmers and foresters to store carbon in their land. Senate Finance Chair, Iowa Republican, Chuck Grassley said a “carbon bank” is gaining some traction with respected farm groups, and he’s still looking at it, but that’s not what concerns him most.

“It’s one thing to have carbon bank, but they’re also advocating that the Obama’s “Waters of the U.S.” be included in this environmental thing. And you can imagine what that’s going to do to agriculture in the United States.”

Grassley added if WOTUS returns, huge swaths of farmland would again be regulated by EPA as wetlands. He added he’ll fight any move to reverse Trump WOTUS reforms.

“Whatever I can do to stop Waters of the US. The trouble is, they put the rule out under regulation. Trump brought it under control by regulation, and I suppose they can do it again.”

The Biden team also wants to phase out gas-powered vehicles and have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But House and Senate Democratic bills could speed up that timetable, ending sales of new gas engine cars by 2035.

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