Washington Farm Economy Showing Signs Of Improvement

It appears that the Washington farm economy may be in a better place many anticipated, or feared, when the pandemic broke out back in March. Doug Seto with Central Machinery Sales in Pasco said the last couple of months have been very encouraging.

“A lot better than what we anticipated back in March at the beginning of the year when they were pulling contracts from the growers.  So, yeah, business has been good.  Looks like they’re going to make some money.  Hopefully we’ll end up making some money when it’s all said and done.”

Seto added when farmers do better, other aspects of the ag economy, such as his, start to do better, and that’s what he’s seeing. And while much attention has been made on potato growers, who, as Seto pointed out have enjoyed a much better 2020 than was anticipated seven months ago, fortune has smiled on other commodities.

“Dryland growers, they actually had pretty good yields and prices have come up a little bit, so we’ve actually had a lot of those guys coming in, looking to spend some money,” added Lance Dever with Central Machinery. “Our irrigated guys are still putting stuff together, but as Doug stated, it’s been better than expected.  Especially the last two months.”

While the farm economy is not where many would like to see it, or where many need to see it, both are optimistic for 2021.

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