EPA Encourages Americans to Avoid Food Waste Over the Holidays

Fresh off Thanksgiving many fridges remain stuffed with leftovers, the Environmental Protection Agency wants consumers to consider the environment when it comes to food waste. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says more than 70 billion pounds of food waste ends up in American landfills every year, contributing to methane emissions and wasting food supply chain resources.

Wheeler noted, “We must all do our part to help people and the environment by preparing only what we need, cutting down our food waste, and sharing or donating what we can to feed others.”

EPA estimates that more food reaches landfills than any other material in everyday trash, constituting 24% of municipal solid waste. Reducing food waste and redirecting excess food to people, animals, or energy production provide immediate benefits to public health and the environment. Those benefits include reducing methane emissions from landfills, saving money through thoughtful planning, shopping and storage, and supporting your community by donating untouched food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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