Dennee: Entire Ag Community Stepped Up To Help Cattle Producers

2020 has been a challenging year for the farming community in a variety of ways, from the pandemic to the turbulent election and then the outbreak of massive wildfires Labor Day weekend. It’s in that environment that Tammy Dennee took over as the Executive Director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. Dennee, who replaced Jerome Rosa October 31st, said in the wake of those wildfires, the community’s help was incredible. She noted the Ag and non-Ag community a like stepped up with both cash and real property donations, allowing the industry to build good stocks help those most impacted.

“As far as the OCA connection we’re referring folks directly to Oregon State University, to extension, to acquire any of the hay that we have put into inventory for their use.”

Dennee noted some of the greatest donations, came from eastern Oregon producers, who understand, better than most, wildfire season in the Northwest.

“Generally speaking it’s the folks on the eastside of the state that find themselves watching for lightning strikes, taking care of those rangeland fires and that’s not where the fires have been the most impactful this season.  They’ve been over on this side of the state.”

Dennee said the way cattle producers across the state, as well as in Washington and Idaho offered assistance is truly heartwarming.

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