Newhouse: Western Caucus Chairman An Opportunity To Help Ag

Late last month, Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse was named the new Chairman of the Western Caucus for the upcoming Congress. Newhouse says he plans to use the leadership position to help farm country up and down the west. He said for some western states, 70% up to 90% of the lands are publicly owned which provides huge challenges for tax bases, local governments, and the ability to interact with the federal government.

“We’re going to be very involved in encouraging responsible energy development and independence, access to public lands, support multiple use of those lands, working to protect communities through the west from wildfires.  We do that by active management of the forest and our grasslands.”

Newhouse added moving forward the Caucus will place a higher priority on meeting the needs of the Ag industry.

“And that includes things like water infrastructure, things that are really important that make our life possible in the western United States.”

Newhouse added he’s looking forward to working with a variety of people in the bipartisan Caucus.

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