Newhouse: Ag Labor Reform A Priority In the 117th

Once COVID-19 is no longer the top issue for lawmakers in D.C., Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said he would like to see efforts focus on meaningful Ag labor reform. He noted as 2020 comes to an end, he and others have been meeting, discussing strategy to ensure they are ready to promote the Farm Workforce Modernization Act as soon as possible in the 117th Congress.

“Introduce legislation to get the conversation moving and pick up where we left off with the momentum we had on the bill that we got through the House if you recall, but when it went over to the senate it kind of coincided with the same time that coronavirus raised its ugly head.  So, we’re hopeful we can regain that momentum and get true Ag labor reform across the finish line.”

Newhouse added it’s been three decades since meaningful farm labor reform has taken place in Washington D.C., and he’s hopeful that will come to an end in 2021.

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