Organic Farmers Association Launching Interactive Educational Calendar

The Organic Farmers Association is launching a National Clearinghouse for Organic Farmer Education that highlights the online education available to organic farmers across the country. The effort will begin at the start of the winter conference season when farmers typically attend their state or regional organic farm conferences in person. But because of COVID-19, many of those conferences have shifted to an online platform.

“OFA member-organizations have exceptional educational programs, and we’ve put all of these opportunities in one interactive national calendar,” said OFA Director Kate Mendenhall. “COVID-19 has provided a few silver linings, and universal online education is one of those. Now farmers have incredible access to innovative organic farmers from the entire country.”

OFA President David Colson, said “This is an opportunity for farmers to attend their regular conference and a conference they may have always dreamed about but haven’t had the time or travel budget to make it happen.”

Organic farmers can view the online calendar by visiting the National Clearinghouse for Organic Farmer Education.

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