IFBF Throws Support For Consumers To Purchase Meat From Ranchers

During the 81st annual meeting in early December, the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation voiced support for several proposals looking to make it easier consumers to purchase meat directly from ranchers across the state. Lori Anne Lau President of Caribou County Farm Bureau, said one proposal that received traction encourages the state to develop a meat inspection system, using the federal model.

“This would create another avenue for us to have our meat processed. It does create the option for in state sales of inspected meat. States like Wyoming, Utah and many other states have this and they’ve found it to be quite beneficial to their ranchers, so we anticipate it would be for us as well.”

Lau added they are also looking at getting the support of the American Farm Bureau to support meat inspection systems not based on the federal model.

“Get the meat scientists together, but think outside the current box and look for a system that’s safe for consumers but doesn’t have some of the same constraints.  Like under the current rule, the inspector has to have their own office and own bathroom and some other rules that seem kind of silly from a lay person’s point of view.”

This year’s IFBF meeting was held on-line, because of COVID-19 restrictions.

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