Elsey: New Carbon Proposal Claims To Benefit Ag, But Will Hurt Farmers

The Washington farm community is already preparing to fight several pieces of low carbon legislation expected during the 2021 session. The Washington Farm Bureau’s Bre Elsey says roughly 75% of the proposals expected this session are bills from the past that failed to gain needed support in Olympia. However, she noted one new idea, sponsored by Representatives Sharon Shewmake and Debra Lekanoff, should be of concern for the farming community. Elsey added supporters of the Green Bonds Bill will claim funds raised by this legislation will benefit a host of environmental projects.

“But it’s a massive tax bill.  It’s going to be pretty dangerous for agriculture, although it’s framed in a way that looks like it’s helpful to agriculture.  I don’t see where a farmer could survive to the end of this tax bill.”

Elsey added the revisited proposals include low carbon fuel standards as well as Cap and Trade.

The 2021 Washington session, which will be virtual, gets underway January 11th.

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2 Responses

  1. People in agriculture, in my experience, have shown themselves to be among the smartest people in the world. Therefore, I hope you can figure out that this “low carbon legislation” is nothing more than a ruse to get more taxpayer money, your money, for our Al Gore wanna’ be governor to spend. Carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming. The greenhouse effect comes from the water vapor in the air. In fact, without half the carbon dioxide in the air, green plants would die. Of course the climate is changing, as it has done since we have had an atmosphere on Earth. But the problem is that no one really knows what causes it to change. One thing is certain, it is not the four molecules of carbon dioxide for every 10,000 molecules of air that is causing it. It is time to push back.

  2. If the intent of our elected officials is to make more people homeless and dependent on government handouts you are all doing a bang-up job.
    If however you are trying to do the job you were hired for, protect individuals and businesses, building and repairing roads and infrastructure etc you are doing a piss pour job.
    Do your jobs. Stop figuring out new ways to steal more from us and our future.

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