USDA, HHS Announce Updated Dietary Guidelines

Kindergarten children eat

Earlier this week, the USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services released the 2020-2025 edition of the Dietary  Guidelines for Americans.

“Together we’re excited to present the newest edition of our nation’s dietary guidelines,” noted Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue. “These guidelines represent many years of hard work and dedication that reflects increased transparency, engagement, and robust science-based guidelines.”

Perdue noted that from day one the USDA welcomed public input, and many Americans answered the call. The outgoing Ag Secretary also thanked the dietary guidelines Advisory Committee.

“These members dedicated a year and a half of their lives to reviewing and examining thousands of scientific articles and reading hundreds of pages reflecting the best available nutrition science.”

Perdue added, the new dietary guidelines prove that good food leads to good health. Click Here to see a break down of those new guidelines.

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