Klamath Basin Irrigators See Power Cost Decrease To Start New Year

Starting on January 1st, irrigators in Oregon’s Klamath and Lost River Basins saw a 3.5% reduction in power costs. The Klamath Water Users Association, said this is welcomed news, since the Oregon Public Utility Commission approved a 10% increase in base rates for irrigators in February.

“We  are  very  pleased  with  this outcome,”  said  KWUA Power  Committee  Chairman  Ben DuVal.   “It’s  beneficial for  irrigators and  districts throughout the  Klamath Project,  and for  our neighbors  outside  the  Project  in  as well.”

Pacific  Power’s  last general rate  case  prior  to  this year  was  in  2013, where  it obtained approval for  a  rate  structure  that has remained  in effect  since  that  time.  About 50% of  Pacific  Power’s retail  irrigation  customers in  Oregon are  in the Klamath Basin,  and only some  of  those  are  represented  by  KWUA’s  membership.

Under  the  OPUC  ruling,  there  was an increase  in base  rates and adjustment  schedules of  less than 0.5%, rather than the 10% proposed last year, and due  to an annual adjustment factor,  the  net cost  of  power for  irrigation actually decreased  on January  1st.

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