AFBF Virtual Convention Gets Underway This Weekend

The 2021 American Farm Bureau Federation Virtual Annual Convention kicks off this weekend, and some events start as early as Friday. Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said the theme, Stronger Together, highlights the importance of uniting during tough times.

“What it means is even in a difficult year, we find ways to unite and focus on the issues that we’re facing and find solutions to it. Whether it be through policy or whether it just be through working with federal departments to find an answer to that question. And, Stronger Together means that even through technology, we can meet face-to-face, and talk about those issues and find those solutions.”

Duvall said the convention boasts roughly 50 speakers presenting 20 breakout sessions.

“Just like an in-person convention, we’re expecting to have top of the line communications on the hottest issues. And then we have three keynotes, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs will be with us, Rorke Denver who is a Navy Seal is going to be there to motivate us and inspire us. And then of course Beth Ford, Land O’ Lakes President and CEO will be doing a fireside chat with me about issues that American agriculture faces.”

The event also includes a virtual showcase, taking the place of a trade show.

“Farmer-leaders from around the country that never had the opportunity to go to national convention are going to have the opportunity to experience what our national convention does every year, and the information that comes through that. And that information will be available for 90 days after the convention. We’re inviting people that are not members, that are just interested in agriculture and to learn more about what farmers and ranchers do to supply them with food each and every day.”

Duvall pointed out you can register and follow the convention online for free. Visit the AFBF’s Website to learn more.

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