CRP Sign-up Underway

Farmers interested in signing up for Conservation Reserve Programs, have until February 12th to do so. FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce said while the window is not large, he’s confident it’s long enough for those interested in CRP to sign-up, or at least get their questions answered.

For landowners interested in participating, Fordyce said the process is very competitive, so there are key things to keep in mind.

“And we look at the rankings, how many points did those offers get, and then we’ll set the cutoff and begin notifying those land owners that were successful with their offer.

Fordyce noted scores are generated through an environmental benefit index.

“There are several categories where the producers that make the offers can do something a little extra to gain additional points. So when we talk about that score, that score comes by how the points rank in that environmental benefits index.”

To apply, or if you have questions, contact your local FSA office.

Click Here for offices in Washington.

Click Here for offices in Oregon.

Click Here for offices in Idaho.

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