Newhouse: Despite Challenges, Perdue Did A Good Job As USDA Head

As the Trump Administration prepares to exit Washington D.C., that means Sonny Perdue’s time as the Ag Secretary is coming to a close. Dan Newhouse Chairman of the congressional Western Caucus, said the past four years were challenging for farm country, and he felt Perdue did a good job listening to the concerns of everyday farmers, and was productive. However, Newhouse noted some Northwest farmers struggled with the USDA as of recent.

“It was difficult for some in the dairy industry, and we’ve got some challenges in our specialty crops that the USDA for the last four years really didn’t get.  We’ve had to do a lot of education on our parts to make sure they understand Northwest Agriculture.”

Newhouse said he anticipates a smooth transition for the Northwest farm community when Tom Vilsack returns as the head of the USDA. Newhouse pointed out that Vilsack has made several trips to the region and has a good understanding of local farming.

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