USDA: No Stone Left Unturned When It Comes To Trade Markets

While much of the attention of the farm community, and the world really, was on coronavirus, trade took place over the past year. And specifically Ag trade. Much of that focus over the past 12 months was on new trade agreements between the U.S. and major export customers such as Mexico, Canada, Japan and China.

Yet, Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, Ted McKinney, said the department’s “no stone unturned” approach to opening trade opportunities has resulted in access of specific U.S. products to new markets as well. 

“We achieved U.S. blueberry access to Chile, this would be in their off season just as they sell to us in out of season,” McKinney noted. “Shell eggs to Guatemala. Bison to Mexico. Processed egg products to Morocco . Grain sorghum to Vietnam. And if you take some of the access that comes through phase one of China, my goodness, we opened up hundreds of new processing plants to export to places like China, to Japan, to Indonesia, which has really been shutting us out of so many markets.”

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