Schrier Returns To House Ag Committee

On Tuesday, Congresswoman Kim Schrier announced she will again serve on the House Agriculture Committee. This Committee is in addition to her appointment to the Energy and Commerce Committee.

“As the only Member from the Northwest on the House Agriculture Committee, I am honored to continue to be a voice for our farmers and growers in the region. I plan on continuing my work to increase federal agriculture research funding to ensure our farmers can compete in the face of disease, pests, climate change, labor instability, and market volatility,” Schrier said. “Threats like Little Cherry Disease continue to impact our growers with the only recourse being removal of entire orchards. We continue to underfund R&D in this sector even though evidence shows that our country benefits by a $20 return for every dollar invested in agricultural research.”

Schrier’s district, Washington’s 8th, is home to more than two million acres of National Forest Service land—more than any other district in the Evergreen state and among the highest acreage of all Congressional Districts.

“Last year, our state and the entire West experienced a record-breaking number of fires. I will continue to be a strong advocate for the urgent need to make our forests and surrounding communities more resilient and less susceptible to wildfires. I plan on introducing legislation this year to increase prescribed burns on federally managed lands.”

Schrier added, “in many ways the work of the Agriculture Committee compliments the jurisdiction of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and I am eager to find places where energy, climate, and agriculture intersect.”

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